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RMD to sign Mbappe and Haaland at the same time: difficult, but not impossible

Real Madrid finds it difficult to sign Mbappe and Haaland this summer, but not impossible.

Los Blancos is close to securing the Frenchman and does not lose sight of the Norwegian.

Real Madrid’s dream is to have Mbappe and Haaland at the Bernabeu next season. Something that, from the outset, seems very complicated by the economic outlay that would mean the incorporation of both. Not in the payment to their current clubs, but for the signing bonuses and salaries. Like this. there is talk that Mbappe, who would arrive for free, would charge 25 million euros net per year and a signing bonus of between 60 and 80 ‘kilos’, as published by ‘Marca’. In haaland’s case, Real Madrid will have to pay Dortmund €75 million, and his salary and signing bonuses would be similar to Mbappe’s.

An astronomical amount of money and Real Madrid is aware of that, but seems willing to face it. In the white club they do not rule out the arrival of both players this summer. At the moment, Mbappe could even be closed this coming week, according to ‘Marca’, and in this way, Los Blancos would already have the great objective for next season. An addition that has accelerated after the comeback of Real Madrid against PSG. A match that left Mbappe ‘touched’ and that could have been decisive for his arrival at the Bernabeu to be definitive. PSG is not going to throw in the towel and wants to put on the table a renewal offer that would be the largest in the history of football. However, it seems that Mbappe already has the decision made, despite the fact that from France they assure that he will not do it until PSG wins the league title, something that could happen next month.

Haaland’s case

In the case of Haaland, Real Madrid is aware of the difficulty of his signing. For the money, but above all for the rivals he has in hiring the Norwegian. Right now, Manchester City look like they are going first in the race for Haaland. In fact, in England they already talk about an agreement between the Norwegian and City, something that, however, denied Jan Aage Fjortoft, Norwegian journalist, former partner of Haaland’s father and closely linked to the family. “There is NOTHING new to report!” he wrote on his Twitter account. A sentence accompanied by the news of that agreement.

Real Madrid also see City ahead, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to throw in the towel in that race. The white club, of course, is not going to enter auctions for Haaaland. The white managers want to make him fall in love with the project, with the fact of playing next to Mbappe, Benzema or Vinicius. For the interests of Real Madrid, the comeback against PSG was a point in favor when it came to seducing Haaland who, on the other hand, did not hesitate to ‘like’ a post by Benzema on social networks about the white comeback.

Thus, Real Madrid does not rule out having next year the two players with the most present and future of world football. Those responsible are fully aware of the difficulty of these operations, especially that of Haaland, but they also know that if they succeed, they will give a tremendous blow on the table in European football.

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Erling Halaand is a number 9, correct? I think he should consider coming to Bayern. He will be a perfect replacement if my idol resigns or transfers from Bayern.

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This is what Bayern Munich is capable of. You’ve turned Borussia Dortmund into your academy and whenever they have quality players, Bayern Munich end up persuading such players to join them. Well Erling Haaland is likely to join Real Madrid over Bayern Munich. You guys should come for Lukaku for free plus $5 million when Robert Lewandowski leaves. :joy::joy:

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We didn’t ask you to sign Lukaku so kindly live with the consequences. The noise you made when you signed him is still in memory :joy::joy:

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Seriously the noise we Chelsea fans made hmm. We thought we’ve bought IPhone 13 pro max not knowing we’ve bought Nokia 3310 for a price of IPhone 13 pro max. We need to sue Inter Milan for this :joy::joy:

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