@rkay is our latest moderator 👨‍🔧 Let's welcome him!

I am honoured to publish that @rkay is OmanbaForum’s second moderator. Let’s congratulate him and show him love and support as he performs his duties in moving OmanbaForum forward.

If you need help, have questions, want to edit your accounts, posts, etc, please send us a private message!
@rkay @siaw @Emp_Sel

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Welcome to the team @rkay, we know you’re doing well already, just keep it up :wink:


Congratulations bro . I pray for the strength to do more than you were going
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Congrats senior man :slight_smile:

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Thanks chairman. I feel honoured :relieved:

Congratulations to you @rkay for your nomination as Omanba forum’s 2nd moderator. Keep the good work done :partying_face::heart::clinking_glasses:

Congrats @rkay . You do all

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Congrats @rkay. Let’s help push the omanba forum higher :confetti_ball::tada::blue_heart:

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Congrats champ! Great work, we are going to support you so keep pushing… let’s take the forum beyond

Chale welcome. is inspiring to see volunteers who are ready to take on more accountability to makes things better, for the great benefit of everyone

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