Retired Educationist jailed eight years for sexually molesting minor

A 60-year-old retired Educationist has been sentenced to eight years imprisonment by an Accra Circuit Court for defiling a 13-year-old girl at Chorkor, a suburb of Accra.

Abeka Bill is said to have sent the victim to buy sachet water for him.

When the victim returned with the sachet water, Bill was not around, compelling the victim to send the sachet water to Bill’s living room.

While leaving the living room, Bill entered the room and pulled the victim into his bedroom, and had səx with her.

Police say, Bill after the act, showed the victim a cheque of GH¢ 600.00 to be withdrawn and given to the victim’s father to take care of her (victim).

Bill was charged with defilement, but pleaded not guilty.

The court presided over by Mrs. Christina Cann after trial for a month found Bill guilty and sentenced him accordingly.

Prosecution, led by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Agnes Boafo called four witnesses to make a case against the accused.

The facts as presented by DSP Boafo are that the complainant is the mother of the victim.

DSP Boafo said the complainant and accused, now convict, reside in the same vicinity at Chorkor, Galilee.

The prosecution said Bill sometimes sent the victim on errands. On June 18, this year at about 1600 hours, the complainant sent the victim to go and fetch water for her.

The Prosecutor said while fetching the water, Bill saw the victim and he asked her to buy him sachet water.

The prosecution said when the victim returned with the water she could not find the accused so she entered the his living room and placed the sachet water on a yellow gallon.

When the victim was leaving the room, Prosecution said, Bill suddenly entered the living room and dragged the victim into his bedroom, undressed the victim, and had səx with her.

The prosecution said after the act, Bill showed the victim a cheque of GH¢ 600.00 to the victim with the promise that he would withdraw the amount so that her father could use same to take care of her.

The prosecutor said after the first round of səx, the accused wanted to have səx with the victim for the second time but she declined.

The prosecution said this led to a struggle between the victim and the accused.

In the process, DSP Boafo said the accused tore the victim’s dress.

The victim run home and reported the conduct of the accused to her mother who also reported the incident to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service at Mamprobi, Accra.

The prosecution said a police medical form was issued to the complainant to seek medical care for the victim

Source : GNA

Is that not a rape and a defilement cases? Two offences? Or there was an agreement. Well, I didn’t catch that from the narration though.

6O years old man and you still have the energy to demand for round 2. This man wants to go too soon. :joy_cat: :joy_cat: He must face the law without mercy. Someone old enough to be his granddaughter suffered in his hands. He must pay the price.

This is absurd, like I always say, this has everything to the with mental state of the perpetrator… a normal person wouldn’t even think of doing something like this . Why do they just make their feelings controlled them like that