Relationship Tips: If She Does Any Of These 5 Things, Please Just Leave Her Now

Are you a man who is contemplating on whether that lady is the right choice you have made based on the clues, or are you unsure of what to watch out for in a woman you are trying to go out with?

These tips will surely open your eyes to reality and help you appreciate yourself better, your position in this lady’s life and why you should just back off.

Ladies are tough to understand, and I mean women are so complicated. In that complication, they give every potential suitor some signs which clearly speak volume about their interest in you or not.

Now, you don’t have to waste your time chasing a lady when you know the signs are clearly written on the wall. Watch out for these signs and if she does these things, leave her.

1, She Hesitates In Getting Back To You;

We are all busy and there are chances that she may not respond to you as and when you reach out to her. But there is a threshold…if you have to wait for 24 hours before receiving a reply from that lady, she is not interested in you.

2, If She Cancels Plans Repeatedly;

If this lady always cancels plans at the eleventh hour when you’ve all decided to go on date or go hang out, she is clearly not interested. Well, it may be a one-off thing where she was busy or not ready to go out , that’s understand. But my guy if she always gives excuses to cancel an outing just move on.

3, She Calls You “Just A Friend”.

Lol! Oh my guy, and you are still waiting for a miracle from the hills of Zion?
If this lady you are trying to go out with always introduce you to others as “a friend,” then you are actually a friend and that’s where it ends. Run, run, run.

4, If She Tells You “I Am Not Ready”;

If this lady always tells you she is not ready for a relationship, just understand it.

Most guys think when a lady says “I am not ready”, it suggests she is trying to play hard to get. My guy, she means it and that is why you need to go find someone who is ready. Don’t waste your time.

5, You Are Always The One To Initiate Contact;

My guy, are you always the one sending “hi, how are you doing, I just wanna check up on you,” then you are just wasting your time. No lady, if she is interested in you, will not always wait to have you call or text her first.

Yes, some girls will not reach out to you because they do not want to be seen as desperate. Some will deliberately not call just to ascertain your seriousness. But, there is a but…if this trend continues for a while chances are she is not really interested in you. Run now and stop wasting your time.