Rejoinder: We don't have leaders, I don't see them leading

Yesterday, a 24 year mother who’s supposed to be working and earning money to cater for her children was said to have gone into stealing spree and luck unfortunately eluded her and she got caught with only 5 cedis. She was subsequently arraigned before a compentent court and was sentenced accordingly on her own plea.

Unfortunately on this page , most people seem to empathize with lady thief instead of discouraging such petty thievery that can eventually lead to grand armed robbery. 3na 'what of politcians who steal billions everyday, '3na the judge should spare her and chase NAM1 and Woyome’:joy::joy: . Mind you , these people have not been left off the hook.

Now to my substantive issue, Mr Siaw said in his comment that he doesn’t see them as leaders cos they don’t lead, literally. This same view was seen repeated by most members about Ghana not having leaders. We have leaders please. We are not yet there as a country but trust me, Ghana is going far and steadily developing fast in Africa.

See cycle Dubai, Pokuasi Miami interchange, Ho airport, Takoradi airport etc. School feeding , free SHS, one district one factory, digitization of the economy, hospitals, roads and so many social intervention policies by successive governments. Is it not leaders who came up with these ideas of development?

We may have leadership challenges but we do have great leaders here in Ghana changing things. My only problem is Nana Addo wearing oversized coat and going on begging spree from Europeans and still saying " Ghana beyond aid" . Nonsense leaders😣


Wow, you too you dey ooo​:joy::joy:

I like the way you combine jokes with seriounes though. You are very sarcastic.

You are completely right with your points, we have leaders but not many of them with political will to change things. Nana Addo was one man people believed will change Ghana but see what’s happening. Maybe that’s why some of us don’t see them leading us anywhere. You can’t accept mediocrity as best. Your rejoinder is a good one though.

This part is not in the original story. You can’t tell if she was on a stealing spree. They sympathy stems from the fact that politicians steal even more and walk free. Also I think you missed @Kwabena’s comment that a jail term is excessive for this petty crime. A community service could have been enough.

But they are walking free aren’t they?

I won’t call someone who prioritises the building of a National Cathedral to more urgent needs of citizens like simple potable water for people in remote areas without water.

See this is the problem, we’re settling for mediocrity. That’s NOT ENOUGH. We deserve more than that.

All these as far as I’m concerned have failed.

You summed it up. Nonsense leaders are no leaders.


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A leader wants to build a house of God so God can bless us with develoment nu, you don’t like. Wony3 Omanba pa . Even in Developed nations, there’s one crisis or the other so you can’t expect someone to change everything because they are leaders, building infrastructure is progressive.

Anyways, for your information, the Cathedral is going to have Jerusalem wines, Emmanuel
Bethlehem animals, Lot’s wife’s salt, Israel International school, and possibly heaven’s gate tickets will be sold there as well. So you see, it’s a big deal, serious priority bro​:hugs::hugs: .

Akwa wei paaa… your sarcasm level is beyond the roof.

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