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Ever had the feeling you’re In the world but not Of the world?


You must be thinking too deep to get these thoughts. Haven’t had this feeling but I’m wondering what triggered this feeling for you. :thinking:

But do you mean the world created by man as we know it or the world as in the natural planet Earth?


Just realised this is in the Religion section. I try to stay away from this section as much as I can :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahahaha, a bit shaky area huh. I get them once awhile, especially when I meditate. Perhaps the books I read and information I consume are responsible for this. Your site sort of reminds me of message-board sites like 8chan, the idea looks the same. Great site tho.

I just searched your name and realized you post a lot of these questions. Wow…that’s one reason why I joined this platform. I never knew you were here. Anyway, it’s not late.

I’ll take my time to go through all the posts and give my opinion.

With the question you posted, I don’t fully understand it. Can you elaborate more?

Also, @siaw, I love the way you use your emojis. I don’t know if it’s your style of writing or how you use your emojis. But your written words have a way of easing tension. That’s awesome. I need to learn that.

Also, @Aharon, you have a unique style of writing, similar to a friend of mine, which I sent your question to, by the way. I believe he can also add something meaningful.

Are you a writer? I hope you using that big brain of your so help the country :blush: (@siaw did I use the right emoji?)

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Yeah, this one is not so obvious for me to attack :stuck_out_tongue:

You definitely sound like someone who consumes all sorts of information!

Yup, there’s a name for such sites… online discussion forums. There are millions of such sites on different topics.

Not you alone.

I’ll take that as a compliment. :smiley:

Did you send him an invitation link?


Not an invitation link like the one described in the video. I sent the exact question link or something to him. You know…The link beneath the questions.

Ah, that’s another way to share too :wink:

Good thinking.

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@LeevyM6 @siaw your question in the second paragraph is actually an extension of my question. Might help the way u think about it. My predilection however is more towards the natural world. It’s ok if your thoughts are of the artificial world but that’s quite a common feeling

Wow, I really like the questions you ask. They are questions that need thorough understanding and explanation as well. Keep it up bro :clap::clap::clap: