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On a personal level, I wasn’t a fan of the Dumsor. I stood up as Ghanaian and I spoke my mind regardless of the consequences. This is the same thing I am doing now. Ghana first before any political party. If it’s bad it’s bad. What we are experiencing under this current government is as bad or worse than Dumsor.

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Please explain bad or worse. You know you can shed some light on things we dont know. Cos nnipa y3 bad

Lol. Are you saying the current government is delivering up on their promises of a better life to Ghanaians?

Sometimes @macgh sounds like someone with some connection to the current government, he doesn’t see the bad sh*t on some issues. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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@macgh if that’s the case, don’t hesitate to link a brother up. The system hard! :stuck_out_tongue:

Do ECG have a hotline? You can call from morning to evening and you won’t be answered. I remember this man had to drive straight to their office before dragging this people to come and fix the fault. Well, maybe your case is different.

Nope, I dont think govts do that… all they do is Create, Loot & Share

Me I have connections both left and right, politics is just a game. They keep fooling us!!!
Democracy is rule of the gangs!!!

Those people like people who are bringing ideas on board, sometimes they will take your ideas and shove you aside tho…its politics and its not true or fair either, better be ready for whatever!


@siaw u got it right :handshake: and @macgh I work around the lapaz community hospital and some days they use the UPS for about 2 days :joy::joy::joy:

@macgh I disagree with you that there’s dumsor everywhere unless @siaw testify :joy::joy::joy:

Hmmm, this one dier, please…I will have to verify, I have a female friend who live about 2 mins away from the hospital. I will ask them.

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@macgh are you in Lapaz now because it’s dumsor ooo in case you have light at ur area let me know :joy::joy:

There was no dumsor yesterday bro, I was there around the same time please do you have any proof???

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Eiiii @macgh I’m not sure you live within lapaz

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@Syrupkuv and @macgh you guys are making us confused. Which one of you resides in Lapaz? :joy:

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Me, myself and I and I’m :100:% sure that @macgh doesn’t

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