Python Programming Mentorship on Omanba Forum 🐍 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­

OK. Then lemme throw this out there and say that I am available to assist with anyone who needs assistance with python.
I am starting with R soon though, and will love to do it along with someone too.


I learned the basics of R some years ago… didn’t pursue it because it didn’t fit my toolbox. I was only curious of its syntax.

BTW @Emp_Sel is a Python guy too I think.

You are right.

Nice one. We work on some projects together soon.

@siaw I learnt R is one of the most difficult languages.

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Oh not really. R is quite useful in the realm of data science and analytics. When u understand the basics of statistics, you should take to R like fish to water…or so I hear :laughing:

I look forward to it then.

Hahaha. Have you done something in R yet?

Sure thing!

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Not yet. Still finishing up on python. I currently have some web scraping projects am working on. Will start with R soon as am done.

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