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PUMA unveils Black Stars away jersey for Qatar 2022

I’ve been hating our PUMA kits since 2010. We really need to move on from PUMA they don’t try at all… What do you guys think about this jersey?

Why put the player number at the front? What is at the back?

This is the specification given to them by our people. Ana?

They’ll still have the numbers at the back as usual. This thing at the front looks like a calendar :date: :joy::joy:

No. They come up with this design for every PUMA team. This is how lazy they are. Look at other Nations

This jersey di3, it looks like they hired some unemployed high school graduate to design it or they design it for free, like some voluntary service, if that’s the case then we shouldn’t expect more than this.

But have you noticed that the same Puma designs better jerseys for other non-African countries?

Hahaha true ooo :date: :joy:

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Lol PUMA paaa
This is not impressive at all

Calendar paaa :joy::joy:

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Yeah i think we have the worst​:rofl: Morocco’s one isn’t as bad. Never liked Puma. Time to move on and get better shirt partners (If GFA can even afford it) :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I think Puma does it for free oo. Anaaa?

Yeah they do actually. I was just tryna bash the GFA :rofl: Puma pays GFA to wear their brand. Not sure when this PUMA contract ends though. I wish we had Nike or Adidas - by far the best designers.

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Dreams. Those are big brands that want to support better teams that actually have a chance at winning the world cup, not sankwas teams.

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Laughing Man Lol GIF

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Martin Lawrence Lol GIF by Martin

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The jersey’s are terrible honestly