[Proof Inside] With Just GH₵10 This Ghanaian Company Can Earn You GH₵100 Everyday Paid Via MoMo Instantly [Nationton Republic]

Please Note: Due to Omanba rules, I can´t share personal details but I can only share the information that has helped me, and I hope it does help you too.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified financial personnel. Please also do your own research before making any decision.

Also, before you scream skaam about any business, kindly take your time and read, research & probe to either confirm or squash your skepticism.

Cheers and enjoy.

Have you heard of Nationton Republic? Nationton was with us about 3 years ago and many Ghanaians earned good income. They are back again and this time you join with just GH₵10 which is one time and you have the chance to earn a lot. It is growing fast now but if you don’t join , you’ll miss out. See proof of my latest payment below.

Nationton is a Social Media platform like Facebook except for the fact this platform pays you for referring to the site. Per every valid referral you get 9 cedis and can be withdrawn instantly. You can post your ads and services on the site as well & Get Paid.

How Sign Up

1.Click on the Link below ![:point_down:t4:]



2.Click Register Button

3.Fill Your Personal Information


Pay your Subscription Fee(10cedis) to any of their MoMo Wallet below

MTN users, pay to:
0548 561 520 (Nationton Information Technology)

AirtelTigo users, pay to: 0262 480 545 (Nation Long)
Vodafone users, pay to:
0501 052 615 (Nation Kyei Long-Freeman)

You will receive the usual mobile money SMS message from your network provider.

Look into the SMS message, copy the Transaction ID and enter it on the registration portal.

After Registration wait for your account to be set up within 1 hour an u start to share your link with your friends and make 9cedis for each person

1 Person = 9cedis
2 People = 18cedis
3 People = 27cedis
4 People = 36cedis
5 People = 45cedis
6 People = 54cedis
7 People = 63cedis
8 People = 72cedis
9 People = 81cedis
10 People = 90cedis

Don’t Miss out on this opportunity![:star_struck:]


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@Apuu you haven’t contributed anything valuable to the community, yet posting your own ads for personal gains. This is frowned upon here.

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This is not for my personal gain bro. My first post was about how to get Google Adsense Approval. A method many people charge for. Am here to share and be a part and i have a lot more. But thanks!

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Well you shouldn’t leave out your personal phone numbers if it’s not for personal gains.

You’re welcome.

Ooh okay. For information purposes, can I re-edit and take my number out? Or I should simply leave it deleted as it is now? Thanks.

You can post anything valuable as long as you don’t leave out personal details or advertise any product and we’ll be good :+1:

@siaw okay please. Very well noted.

Eeei massa​:sunglasses::sunglasses:

Right now norr, advert gidigidi. Anyways, most of these online stuffs are scams so careful you don’t post anything will make anyone come calling this Forum out for deceiving them with our posts. Abeg let’s be guided waii. Woezor👌