Police woman killed in Koforidua


A Lance Corporal stationed at the Koforidua- Effiduase Police Station in the New Juaben North Municipality of the Eastern Region has reportedly been murdered by an unknown person in her car.

The deceased, Victoria Ntowaah of Effiduase Police charge office was found dead inside her Chevrolet private car with a registration number DP – 4037- G at Asokore-Kobriso Tuesday evening.

It’s unclear what led to her death, but according to a Police report, she was found inside a ditch sitting on the passenger’s side with her head down on the dashboard, when her colleague officers had the information and stormed the scene.

The reports said, there was no information currently as to who was driving the deceased because she doesnt know how to drive.

DGN Online gathered that a car ignition key was found inside the keyhole and further information gathered was that she was alone in the car.

The deceased body was inspected and there were bruises on the left shoulder, with the face and the left hand swollen.

The body has since been conveyed to the Effiduase Hospital morgue for autopsy, as investigation is still ongoing.

—DGN online

This year, about 10 police officers have been killed in Ghana. Why is this trend not ending? The police is not well resourced in doing their job. They are left at the mercy of the weather and evil environment. No bullet proof vest, no good shoes or boots, low salary amongst others. The killing will continue until the government gets a plan for the police service

What is happening in this year? Why are the police being killed here and there?

Can’t the government do anything about it? If the ones protecting us are being murdered here and there shouldn’t we be scared?

The government is not investing in our security services. They are under resourced. They are still using their old guns and kits.

I had an interaction with a military friend of mine about why they are still using AK - 47s and Assault Rifles whiles their American and British counterparts are using weapons like M4, SA80, SIG Sauer P226, Heckler & Koch Mark 23 among others. He said, the government do not want to invest in security because they are afraid of an insurgency or Coup d’etat.

What a world!

Their type of job comes with this kind of risk and instead providing them protection gears like bullet proof vests, it’s a pity because these robbers have realized that they can stand toe to toe with the police because all the police posses are guns and these robbers have abundance of it so why fear

That’s what they are afraid of, these robbers are out here with modern weapons and you want to stop the with these 20th century weapons, how is that possible no wonder why they don’t fear the police now

The larger part of America’s budget is spent on security. Thus, investment into sophisticated logistics and machines in oder to give the best security to the people of America.
But here Ghana, we fly Acropolis 15000.00 euros per hour. If this were to be USA…the culprit would have been apprehended long ago.