Police officer arrested for stealing motorbike at Kintampo

A police officer has been arrested by the Kintampo Divisional Police Command for allegedly stealing a motorbike and other items belonging to the Ghana Police Service.

Joy News sources revealed that the suspect, Corporal Christian Adjei Boateng, was arrested after a colleague saw him pushing a Honda Motorbike with registration No. M–15–UW – 2071 across the road in front of the Police station, where a motorbike fitting shop is situated.
The complainant and another officer have gone to the fitting shop only to find out that the Corporal was not there.

A search was conducted at his residence in Kintampo by the Divisional Crime Officer, DSP Edmund Agyemang Badu, together with other groups of investigators. “The search revealed the following items in his single room self-contained rented apartment; 10 live AK 47 assault rifle ammunition, Body Armour, Dead Body Bag, Ballistic Helmet and wrap of dried plant substance suspected to be narcotics,” a statement from the Divisional Police Command stated.

The suspect admitted ownership of the substance said to be Indian hemp and the other items.He confessed that “he smokes Indian hemp, so the dried plant material was what he had purchased for smoking”. However, he failed to disclose his source of supply and has also failed to produce any lawful written authorisation to possess same.
The statement further added, “The police officer suspect also admitted to stealing the AK 47 ammunition and the other police accoutrements but again failed to mention where he stole same them from.”

“The exhibits are retained for further investigation”. “Meanwhile, suspect G/L/Cpl. Christian Adjei admitted the offence of stealing the motorbike in his cautioned statement to police in the presence of an independent witness”. The statement added that “a report shall be submitted to Regional Headquarters within 48 hours”.

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This few bad cops are the reason why most people have lost faith in our police. You being a cop, your job is to maintain law and order in our country and you’re rather doing the things that was your job to prevent. He should be ashamed of himself and needs to be punished to deter others in the service from engaging themselves in such act.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: . This one hard ooo I no go fit laugh . Eno be any better motor sef ahh . How can you disgrace yourself like dis

Some even accept 2 cedis bribery so the motor is much more valuable and worth stealing :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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It’s like now Ghana police are being serious oo :thinking: for arresting one of their own for stealing. Wow! Maybe very soon we will have the better Ghana we’ve been longing for

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It’s not their people that arrested him oo. Maybe the owner of the motor and other area members

First of all let’s recommend Ghana police for the good work done. A whole police man stealing motor bike as well as possessing Indian hemp which is illegal too. He is a disgrace to the Ghana police and needs to be punished severely for such an act.

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It is our hope. But this few cops who does this kind of things are the reason why most Ghanaians don’t have faith in Ghana Police Service anymore. I know this Police woman at Kwabenya, you dare not commit any crime that you need to be punished for and because of that you try to bribe her to pardon you. You’ll regret making that attempt to bribe her and such police officer needs to be awarded.

Aah how :grin::joy::joy::joy:

A police officer steals motor bike from police station. What a parody of comedy . This guy needs serious beatings to clear his eye . Law enforcers are now into crimes so who protects lives and properties for us. ?

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It’s is the police service that arrested him and I applaud them for the good work done :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:

He truly needs serious beatings to restore his mind to default settings. It’s now getting serious, the law enforcers who are supposed to maintain law and order are now into crime so we the citizens lives are now at stake. Who is going to protect as now? Serious measures needs to be put in place

It seams the police personnel in Ghana are not content with their renumeration , how much is their salary, is the government not paying them well anaa it’s just their professional inherent greed

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It’s just greed on the side of some policemen. Everything found in this policeman’s room shows clearly that he is in the police service for his own personal interest and not that of the Police service as a whole.

There is a saying that “practice makes perfect”. He have been doing it before he was recruited so he can’t help it. . Buh at least steal correct machine erhh . This one is just the same as the guy that stole the yam phone

Yeah with everything he possesses shows clearly the guy was a criminal before he joined the Police service. Stealing motor bike is just funny and he can be compared with the one who stole the yam phone :joy:

Am telling you my brother. Stealing is his favorite :joy::joy::joy:

Stealing ankasa when you do it and you’re not caught you’ll be happy but when you’re not fortunate enough and you get caught, that’s where you’ll see :joy::joy:

The police has done well with this. These things occur everywhere in the world and the people involved are not easy to arrest. But, the arrested person ought to be severely punished so that others in the service will learn from this

Yeah it do happens everywhere in the world but the few that will be caught must be severely punished to deter others from engaging in such acts. A whole policeman stealing guns, motorcycle and in possession of illegal drugs(Indian hemp), meanwhile he knows perfectly that it is his duty to fight such crimes but you’re rather doing such things. He’s a disgrace to his family, the police service and Ghana as a whole and needs to be punished.

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