Police arrest taxi driver over ritual murder claims in TV interview

Police arrest Taxi driver over ritual murder claims in TV interview

Mr Felix Ansah alias De-Ghosty

The Ghana Police Service has arrested a taxi driver for his alleged involvement in several ritual murders.

The taxi driver Felix Ansah will be put before court on Monday, September 13, 2021.

The Police in a statement said it had commenced investigations into “claims made by one Felix Ansah, a 35-year-old taxi driver, in an interview he granted on Onua TV, September 2, 2021, where he alleged that he had killed several persons for ritual purposes”.

“Following his admission of the alleged commission of such acts, he was arrested to assist in Police investigations. He will be put before court on Monday, September 13, 2021, to be placed on remand for thorough investigations into the allegations to continue,” the statement said.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: ein sins make he go reveal ein self. Eno be everybody you go kill den go free oo

Abro anaa se bayei :joy::joy::joy:the man fool pass :joy::joy::joy:

Ah but this man paaa. :joy:

@Felix_Ansah is that you they’re talking about in the article? We didn’t know you murder people for rituals! :open_mouth:


haha, @siaw I was about to ask that also. Anyways that’s not him.

:joy::joy::joy:… it’s only a nickname … it’s not my real name :smirk:

Lol that was funny. But the names too were the same ooo. Our felix can’t be arrested and still be here. The last time I saw the name of the Chief Executive director of Ghana Library and his name was Emmanuel Siaw Hayford. I started digging to find out if it was you @siaw :joy::joy:. The thing shocked me.

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The Felix man shot himself in the foot. How can you say on public tv that you have killed a lot of people, and you think the law will allow you go just like that.? People deliberately find problems for themselves sometimes.

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It’s strange not coincidental, might be related.Please @siaw come remove your mouth

He is being tormented by his own wrong doing? I listened to his interview with captain Smart and according to him (Felix) he can’t sleep. He said in the interview that for the past 3 years he has never slept more than an hour because he always have nightmares. He actually came to the TV station seeking for help but unfortunately the police took action against him :joy::joy:

He came on TV to confess, ghost dey watch tv? Instead of going to church to pray for forgiveness and repent, he want to get fans on TV :roll_eyes:

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:joy::joy::joy: please some ghosts watch TV waii. He has been in the business for long and knows very well that some ghosts watch comedy kraa :joy::joy:

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There is a proverb which says “Asem mpe nipa, nipa na 3p3 asem”. I know some people can deliberately make false claims about themselves just to catch the attention or gain something profitable from the public. Now you’re in trouble and you wish you never made that claims which might not be true about yourself.

Oh I see, first time knowing this. I guess my dad’s ghost has been watching TV with me then. It means I’m not alone after all. Good to know :weary:

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The man do yawa, big time. He wish never tried such nonsense. I suspect what his claims are even false but only for content creation for Onua TV and captain smart show.

You’re right. Now the point is, how much are you going to get paid for saying those false things about yourself to give that Onua Tv morning show the edge over others? It’s now over to you to explain to the Police for your involvement in rituals claims.

If Ghana Law works and is fair. Kennedy Agyapong should also be arrested. He said on radio he knows who killed Ahmed Hussein-Suale (undercover investigative journalist and an associate of fellow Ghanaian investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas) yet he’s walking free. The law only applies to the poor.

@Felix_Ansah are you sure it is not you :joy:
But what was the drier thinking when he was saying all these on live television? That they will let him go free? He thinks he is a politician erh

It’s true . In Ghana the law is for the poor people