Photo: fake police-man arrested;

As he goes into prison in few days to come , kindly give him a word hope. One word for him :persevere:

It is the holding of the gun for me :joy::joy:


This man paaa! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: he doesn’t even look like an officer even in uniform. :joy::joy::joy: OMG my country is a comedy ground :joy::joy:

I said you should give him a word of hope ; not to laugh at him ah. One word for him and you are writing thesis :roll_eyes:

Vince Vaughn Lol GIF by filmeditor

My advice to him is that it’s is not well :joy::joy:

Wo ny3 nipa pa. You have to send him fitting uniform and food when he gets to Nsawam. Be a good Christian please @Magda2000

:joy::joy::joy: abrab) y3 hard . See ein face den the gun he dey hold

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Ahh buh wait oo e check like ein naaa wey sew the uniform oo :joy::joy::joy:

The uniform alone is 10k. The person standing there looks hungry, with a pump action gun in his hand makes the thing funny. By the way, God be with him in prison, I will prepare banku with okro stew and donate it to him every Saturday whiles he’s in prison. :joy::joy:

Oh chale, so you people don’t have any motivational quote to write for him? You just laughing at his oversized uniform and the pump action gun. The gun is even taller than the man oo. All shall pass

Motivational quote for this man ato nsuom. Now the song he’s singing now is
It is well 2x
With my soul 2x
It is well 2x
With my soul :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Herh :rofl::rofl::joy: @Danny , there’s God oo.
You have already composed song for him.

Now the serious issue, where did he get that pump action gun from. ? So individuals can wield such guns and no one cares. Wow , I’m even scared

The way he is holding the gun shows he isnt one

I’m telling you. He need to get motivational songs as well so I’ve composed one for him :joy::joy:

People are manufacturing guns locally without authorization and these are the same people who sponsor robbers with ammunition. Measures must be put in place to curb this.

Nothing on him fits him Bro :joy::joy:

I want get something clear oo. Where he get the kick from. I beg me too I dey want some make I use

Be like the gun sef heavy pass am. This nigga paa :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I tell you :joy::joy::joy::joy:… Buh in real life there are officers that are worse looking than this man. I know we have many of them