Permit me to introduce myself

Hello my name is Danso, some told me about this forum and I decided to give it a try. Hope you are all good? :sunglasses::smiley:

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@Danso_Ebenezer welcome to Omanba Forum! :ghana:

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Hello @Danso_Ebenezer its good for you to join us. Whoever told you about this forum did well. Welcome to omanbaforum.

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Happy to have you here with us @Danso_Ebenezer, welcome! What did the person tell you about Omanba Forum? I’m curious.

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You’re warmly welcome to Ghana’s number one online forum @Danso_Ebenezer :ghana::clinking_glasses:. We’re very glad to have you here and trust me, you’re going to love it here.
Whenever you’re having any difficulties with the use of OF, I, @Emp_Sel and @Atinga are at your service. :blush:

Nice to have you here @Danso_Ebenezer, you are really gonna love it here. You welcome chief!