People Are Sending Me Messages Begging Me To Show Them Where They Can Do Money Rituals - Yul Edochie

Actor, Yul Edochie, says people have been sending him messages begging him to show them where they can do ‘‘money rituals’’. This comes days after socialite, Obi Cubana, staged an impressive funeral for his late mum. The funeral saw many businessmen of Igbo extraction spraying money in bundles.

Yul in a post shared on his page averred that the fact he acts scenes of money rituals in Nollywood movies so well does not mean he is involved in such. His post reads- ''Some people are sending me messages begging me to show them where they can do money rituals.
Come on now guys, come on.
Na film I dey act.
Just like American action films where one man will defeat a whole city of bad guys.
Na storyline be that, e no dey happen.
Is it now a crime to be a good actor?
Make I no chop???
Na wa for una oo.’'

This is hilarious. :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

We all have different understanding to the things we watch especially movies. They are so real to us that we forget they are working with scripts. You can’t blame them for the messages they sent. That is their understanding. The street make hot laaa.

I believe as good as an actor he is this was bound to happen, he acts like he knows everything about money ritual and most character he plays in movies portray this, next time don’t take a role like that again … it seems like it has a part of him as most people think

They don’t want to work hard to earn something oo.they should come and see how I’m sweating here just to make some money for my feeding and accommodation. They want juju money , blood money.

As humans, we are moved by what we see. Nigeria movies are always about blood money :money_mouth_face:…so why won’t people who want to use those means to get rich overnight consider Nigeria to be the hub of money rituals. Don’t get offended, the boys must survive. But they shouldn’t also forget the consequences of their choices.

Great. Until I studied Literature in in secondary school, I saw movies from that light. They were so real to me that, sometimes I had trouble sleeping because a character died or something tragic happens.

Movies are scripted and a lot of people don’t know this.