Pay us $2,000 or we will strike from August 2 – UTAG to government

The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) says it will embark on a strike from August 2, if government does not take immediate steps to address its worsening condition of service of its members.

According to UTAG president, Professor Charles Marfo, the agreement with government with the coming in force of the single spine salary structure in 2012 meant that an entry-level lecturer will receive the Ghana cedi equivalent of $2,084.

They contend that successive governments have been paying lecturers lesser than that.

“At the beginning of 2020, the entry gross salary (basic salary plus market premium) of a lecturer in the Public Universities was $997.84(¢5,687) far less than the $1,500 per month that was reached at the end of the road map in 2008 and further improved with the SSSS in 2012 to $2,084.42.”

Professor Charles Marfo continued that “clearly you can see the drop of over USD1,086.57; i.e., GHC6,193, a drop that which is more than the lecturer’s present take-home pay.”

According to UTAG, they are not asking for any increment in their salaries, but they want government only to give them what they believe is fair.

“We also like to state that, until our demands are considered and met in-toto, UTAG would have no other option than to embark on industrial action by withdrawing teaching, which includes the conduct of examinations, marking of examination scripts, and other related matters, starting from Monday, August 2, 2021, until further notice”, National UTAG President, Professor Charles Marfo stressed.


UTAG too why? you want to hold the government to ransom or what? You can’t dictate to the government what you to be paid. You write and appeal to them for increment if wages and allowance but this approach is utterly disrespectful. Please come again

Oh wow, this is really interesting, so all these lecturers are looking to be paid $2,084. Oh wow, but why’s the government doing that, the decrease in the amount is really bad $1000 de3 at least you give them a 10 percent increase to for the meantime we need these people.