Pay NABCO Personnels They Are Hungry Captain Smart Laments


NABCO personnel Unpaid For Months.

Captain Smart on Onua Maakye this Wednesday 12th Januar ,2022 made allegations that NABCO personnels not been paid, and the government is not ready to pay them now. He continued to say that NABCO personnels are dying of hunger because they have not been paid for the past six months.

Again he claimed that the Nana Addo government went for an amount of 77.5 million dollars to pay the NABCO personnels, but they have failed to pay this amount to these poor Personnels that have work for months .

At the same time Akufgo Addo took an amount of 118,000 Ghana cedis worth 18 billion cedis to go and buy Christmas tree.

According to Captain, he had a conversation with the leader of the Nation’s Builders Corps, and he said they will be paid before December last year but up until now the money have not reflected into the account of the NABCO personnel. He boldly said, he will not keep mute because of any intimidation or what whatsoever by the Nana Addo government. He said he will continue to speak and push for the youth who fought for the victory of the NPP and now are crying while the children of the officials in government are in big positions enjoying gigantic sums of salaries and allowances.

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