Passive income from mining Ethereum ⛏🪙

I can’t even find information on the profitability of this card. I don’t think you can make any reasonable income with this card and it might not be worth it especially considering it’s a laptop. If you want to :fire::fire::fire: your laptop I can show you how to mine ETH with your laptop anyway. :rofl:

Sorry I made a mistake in typing. It is NVIDIA GeForce 2410M not 520M. @siaw can you please check if I will get something profitable in mining. The way I am hot erh :joy::joy:

Cannot find info on this GPU for ETH mining. You can search using Google yourself.

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I can’t find anything on it. For now let me focus on my staking. :grin:

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How do you do it? Pls teach me

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You can start if you have an Nvidia RTX series graphics card. First you’d have to buy one, the rest is koko. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you have a good graphics card I can guide you through.

And welcome to OF @Silvion :slight_smile:

You’re warmly welcome to Ghana’s number one online forum @Silvion :blush:. Your contributions to this forum will mean a lot to us. Whenever you’re finding any form of difficulties with the use of OF, I, @Emp_Sel and @Atinga are ever ready to assist you.