Palm wine tapper kills friend he saw sleeping with fiancée in his dream

Residents of Wawasi in the Afigya Kwabre South District have nabbed a 45-year-old man for what is being reported as an action undertaken after he saw his best friend sleeping with his fiancée in a dream.

Accra based rainbow radio reports that Desco, who is a palm wine tapper, allegedly lured his friend into a bush on Friday, October 8, 2021, and killed him.

“I lured my friend into the bush and unknown to him, I stabbed him from the back. He fell down and I repeated it till he gave up his ghost,” the suspect confessed when he was arrested.

The suspect is said to have stabbed another person the following day over claims that this victim treated him unfairly in his dream and that he was also part of the challenges facing the community.

This man, however, survived the attack and has been on admission at the Ankaase Hospital but the suspect is said to have been unhappy with this news.

As a way of exacting the full measure of his action, Desco is reported to have gone on to stab the second son of his second victim, an act he confessed to when he was eventually arrested.

The report continued that Desco carried out these dastardly acts because he claims his dreams always manifest and he could not wait for this one to play out in the flesh.

Oh that’s where things have gotten to? What at all is this? Because of a dream. Ah

At this point, I don’t know which is worse, the guy who killed a boy and refrigerated his body or this guy who killed someone because he was sleeping with his woman in a dream. :neutral_face:

That’s where we’ve reached in Ghana. Taking dreams so personal and causing such an unforgivable act. No wonder this things goes a long way to be the faults of fake prophets who keeps making people to believe in dreams that got to do with such things to be real.

But sometimes we joke in this country a lot. You arrested somebody who stabbed and allowed him to go . Now he went to stab another person. And by the way which kind of foolish dream is this one kraaa .

I’m even confused as to which one to choose between the two. This particular guy own is also on a whole new level. Committing mürder because of what you saw in your dream is beyond madness and unpardonable

I don’t know why if somebody attempt mürder or caused mürder sometimes they allow the victim to be coming for trails without the person being in the police custody

Oh have you forgotten we’re in Ghana. Someone stole a tuber of yam and was sentenced to 10 years imprisonments. This guy has stabbed someone before but he didn’t face long term prison sentence and now see the kind of mürder he has committed. Everything about Ghana is sick

That’s the state we’re in now. Sometimes I try as much to think about what’s going on and I get more confuse. Those who commit the worst crimes seems pardonable than those who engage themselves in minor crimes such as stealing a tuber of yam.
Just go to our prisons and you’ll understand it much better.

The people that are supposed to bring justice are now selling Justice for money. So the justice is no more available

Some are selling theirs for goats, bag of rice, money and land. So when you can’t afford any of the said items, then forget about receiving justice so easily.

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:thinking: But if you found your friend sleeping with your fiancee in a dream, does that not indicate that your fiancee probably doesn’t love you? or that you not doing a good job as a partner? After all, the friend wasn’t raping the fiancee, right?

what am I even saying? Send him to the hospital. when he comes out, jail him.


@LeevyM6 , I nearly said your post is useless until I got to the end :rofl::rofl:. This one dier, e over me sef

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If it means anything, it means the dreamer is a shitty person. There’s no way it’d mean his fiancee doesn’t love him. You take things you think about a lot during the day into dreams. The dreamer’s mind it polluted and messed up.


I just can’t stop laughing :joy::joy::joy:. This guy wasn’t ready to interpret the dream, he did take action fast. But it seems we’re not analyzing the whole story properly.
What if he knows exactly what his friend can do in reality? Maybe his friend is very good in snatching peoples fiancée so seeing him in his dream alone alerted him of the danger ahead and he took action fast :joy::joy::joy:

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