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OmanbaForum Fantasy Premier League 2.0: Win 200GHS/month

See you all in 2 days’ time. For action! Haha.

For sure. :smiley: I love your confidence though but I’ll show you that this is not boxing :joy:

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There’s only 5 players… at least whoever chops last is still gonna be top 5 :joy::joy:

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Thank God is not going to be me :joy::joy::joy:
See u at the top guys

More guys will joining in the coming days hopefully. Some people will be lucky to be in the top 5. They know themselves :joy:

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Let’s go.
Code please

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Chairman, it’s being a while. Sure. I’ll message you with the code

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So far so good. Am currently leading the fpl table just like Arsenal every season before epl starts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@BigBoss you blast :joy::joy:

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Boys started this week heavy. I’m impressed :smiley::smile:

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Good afternoon team.
I need FPL code

Herh, relax kraaa ooo na last season for the first few months I chop first saaa, later I chew p)t))). As @Kwabena will say, “this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon”. don’t celebrate kraaa. :smiley:


Welcome to OF @Kumah_Agboyibor, you need to DM @Emp_Sel for the code.

We’ll said bro. This is a marathon :smiley:

Welcome to OF @Kumah_Agboyibor. Check your inbox

@siaw looks like me den you dey sweep the floor this game week oo. Eii :joy::joy:

It’s going to be a long season :grinning:
League code please

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@Eben11 good to have you here.

No doubt :smiley:

For All Mankind Space GIF by Apple TV+

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I tell you! Welcome to OF Eben :ghana: