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OmanbaForum Fantasy Premier League 2.0: Win 200GHS/month [UPDATED]

Hello friends,

For the 2022/23 Fantasy Premier League why don’t you join Omanba Forum mini-league "OmanbaForum Fantasy League 2.0 "?

Joining the league couldn’t be easier. Simply send me a message and I’ll give you the code to join. Only rule (condition) is that you need to be active on OF (at least 10 posts in a month).

The winner (the manager with the highest points) wins 200GHS and would be announced at the last day of every month. Payment will be made within 14 days.

Please join the league with your OmanbaForum usernames so we can link you to your teams

League Code:


Looking forward to playing against you this season!

:soccer: :trophy:


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@DennisGoodman @Dennis_L would you guys like to play?


Unless you teach me o😊

Sure we’ll teach you.

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Thank you brother. Well noted

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YouTube will teach you, that’s what I did, then if you have questions you can ask here.


year bro fix me now i have try for time and i was not allowed to play

Nice. My team is almost ready. This time around I hope things are different. No postponement of matches because of covid cases and staff

What was your position last season?

Last season @BigBoss was 9th.

Yeah bro I hope so too. When your squad is ready, let us know so I can give you the code

Ready Readyyy

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Very well!

You were my biggest rival last season. Let’s see how it goes this season :grinning:

Not me?? How? @Kwabena was not even first for a single week!!! I was first for like 2 months.

Then you dropped big time. It was like you were not given in the competition. I warned you that I was coming for you but you didn’t listen. :smiley:

Can’t wait to deal with you again this season! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

PS: @siaw sorry I mistakenly edited your post when composing mine. :bowing_man:


OK, understandable, but with my experience this time I’m a serious threat! :smiley:

Can’t wait :grinning:

Waiting Patiently GIF by General Hospital