Omanba Forum Referral Program

For every person you refer to Omanba Forum, you get 30GHS. Simple as that.


  • Your invitees should be active for at least 30 days.
  • Your invitees must have made at least 30 valuable posts. They should be engaging.
  • To receive payment, you must have invited at least 5 people. Meaning you get 150GHS when all conditions are met.

Also note that:

  1. We reserve the rights to ban/silence any invitee.
  2. We will suspend your account if we find out you are cheating.

This program will be active until January 31st 2022.

Here’s how to invite friends to OF so they are attributed to you.

If you want to join the program send me a message so we can track your account.


Eeei to find money is not easy oo. Conditions wey plenty like this? So can I refer 50 in a month or its 5 people per month maximum?

How will anyone cheat in this when you can see the new signees refered ?

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You can refer as many as you want. We’ll count in multiples of 5 though. So if you refer 11 people, that’s 200GHS. If you refer 24 people, that’s 400GHS. You get the idea.

You can cheat by using your own referral link and registering multiple accounts. But we’ll find out if people do that.

Ohk , I get it now. Good and creative way of bringing new users onboard.


Conditions loosened. Reward increased. :heart::ghana:

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Hw333 People be eye red ooo. :joy::joy::joy:

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This is really nice. I’m interested

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Okay @Paa_Jaylo. Go for it!

I’ve already started inviting :joy:

Yeah I saw that. Great job :clap: by the way.

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Thanks @Emp_Sel :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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You welcome @Paa_Jaylo. @KhodedBoss2 @Syrupkuv its being a while.

They’ve gone on retirement. :crazy_face:

I’m right here boss :blush::blush: :blush:

I don’t think the “it’s been a while” was to you. :crazy_face:

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Oh :joy::joy:. Did not notice the full stop after my name :sweat_smile:.

Nice. Hope to have them back soon . :joy:

:joy::joy::joy: I’m right here ooo brodas

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