Nicknames in High School 📚

What are the best/worst nicknames you were given in High School? :thinking:


You’re smart bro if you didn’t choose your own name. like by now you’re carrying a nickname you don’t want. But Plantain de3 why? :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:


He’s smart… he chose his own nickname… and he chose “plantain”.



I was the entertainment prefect and because I love dancehall music the was #Jahmiel​:microphone::electric_plug:

The “Plantain” is what I’m trying to understand. Choosing your own nickname and you chose “Plantain” then you can imagine what his school mates would have given him :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

Probably would have been better if his mates chose one for him na plantain di3 :smiley: :smiley:

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That’s what I still don’t understand but maybe he knows his school mates are capable of giving the worst nicknames ever so in other to be on the safer side he simply chose “Plantain” which might be the nicest of all :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

But nowadays a friend has been calling me Abladzo and I don’t know why that name :joy::joy::joy:

Aa Abladzo se s3n? :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:
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I don’t even know the meaning kraaa ooo

Then you’re suffering oo ei :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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“Abladzo” sounds like something in Ewe. Anaa me boa? @Kwame_Kradi

You’re right it sounds like something in Ewe but I for instance don’t know the meaning either :joy:

Hmmm the day I wl get to know the meaning eh hmm e for be good name otherwise :facepunch:t3:

Otherwise Ghana won’t be enough for you and the guy who nicknamed you “Abladzo” :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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Aswear ago make metal fall en chest top for gym inside :joy::joy::joy:

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Ei you go kill person oo :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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Ago make he suffer small :joy::joy::joy:

Please he beg :pray:t4::pray:t4::joy::joy:

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‘Abladzo’ means plantain ooo , I wonder how someone came up with that as Nick name though. There should be a story behind it @siaw and @Danny

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