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FPL managers, CR7 on heat. Nigga jxt netted a brace to secure a win for Portugal in the WC qualifiers. Are going to transfer him into your team ahead of GW4? Or u still believe in Bruno Penades

Okay boss. Thanks for adding this category for especially the fantasy premier lovers. :hugs::hugs:


What happened tonight is mind blowing. Scored two goals within a period of less than 15mins. But adding him to my squad, ano sure. CR7 can switch on and off at any time​:joy:. Don’t forget: Bruno scored 3 goals this season so far. :joy:

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Which squad are you talking about??? United??:joy::joy:

I feel like CR7 joining Man Utd will hinder Bruno scoring rate. Though Ronaldo won’t play on regular basis because he’s there mainly for UCL. But don’t forget his price is 12.5M and Bruno is 12.0M jxt 0.5 difference. Forget about Bruno’s hat-trick on opening day.

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Moreover Bruno of late complains a lot and concedes unnecessary booking. Jxt see his last two Game Weeks. He blanked and the worst part is he was booked for challenging the ref


he’s insecure his shine is about to go down

Where the Bet boys dey…
Sweden vs Spain. Correct score 1:2 away to win

You for create new topic for this :smiley:

Herh :joy: :joy: :joy:

Spain fit score pass two goals. Them bi unpredictable ooo :joy: