NDPC almost done with Ghana’s medium term dev’t framework

In accordance with Article 36 Clause 5 of the 1992 Constitution, the National Development Planning Commission ( NDPC) is almost done with Ghana’s Medium Term National Development Framework.

The framework is a four-year strategic document that details how Government intends to deliver on its promises to Ghanaians.

Director General of the National Development Planning Commission, Dr. Kodjo Essien Mensah-Abrampa, at a media briefing today Sunday July 18 announced that the document which focuses on lifting the economy out of the shackles of Covid19, creating jobs for the youth and generating wealth, when completed will be sent to Parliament for approval.

Cabinet this weekend also completed its internal review on Government’s progress for the first half of this year.

Key highlights was that economy is gradually seeing a rebound with current growth rate pegged at 3.1% for the first quarter of the year…

The issue of increasing rate of piracy and terrorism along our northern borders and on the Gulf of Guinea were critically analyzed.

“There is a need for Government and citizens to collaborate to ensure that we safeguard the peace we have and protect the state from any foreign insurgency.”

Source: 3news.com

Four year strategic plan for development agenda is a loudable idea from the government. In fact we need a nationwide or national development agenda for this Ghana.

This will end npp and Ndc winner takes all thing. Every government comes with their own projects and neglects already existing ones. Taxpayers money going waste every now and then.

We indeed need a national move to do things that will benefit the whole country rather than a few people taking all the resources because their political party is in power.

This is not a new thing I guess, every four years NDPC makes a national development frameworks for every sitting government, interesting :roll_eyes: so is that the government ignores the documents when it’s been presented to parliament because I really don’t see the development strategy an government has put in place.Hm

This could be another legitimate way of spending the tax payers money. So much formality and bureaucracy yet we see little or no development in the country.