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This IGP comes across as a very proactive and hard-working inspector. Where was he all this while? I think he’s doing a very good job.

ikr. I totally love what he’s done so far, no offence to the past IGP though, did his best to the best of his ability. Dr. Dampare is obviously an action man, an executer and enforcer of the law and that makes me so satisfied. He is the Hon. Henry Quartey of the security services, hahaha. I wish him well in advance. Long live the Peace in Ghana!

Ah this is another person. I thought it was the IGP himself :rofl:

I was confused because they wrote ACP Kwesi Ofori.

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Hahahahaha @siaw I think Kwesi Ofori is the PR for the Police. Dr. Dampare is acting though. He took over 2 or so months ago.

Since his doing a good job, they shouldn’t make him “acting” anymore. He should be the real deal.

I totally second that, his rise to IGP is worth reading about and quite inspirational @siaw . He rose through every sector of the Police service and was commissioner at all levels, from Constable. Mad!

This is what we meant by passion for work. This man is really into what he is doing and he is sacrificing everything I his power to make sure a good job is done. God will surely protect him and make sure he lives long .

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Do you have some link to his story?

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