National Security arrests 33 suspected terrorists

Officials of the National Security have arrested 33 suspects believed to have links with terrorist organizations in Burkina Faso and Mali at Nambahala in the Savelugu Municipality.

JoyNews reporter Illiasu Tanko reported that, the suspects were all airlifted to Accra over the weekend.

He noted that, the National Security claims it has evidence indicating that the five have links with terrorists in Burkina Faso and Mali” he added.

“The target is an Islamic learning center in the community where they arrested 33 persons and airlifted them to Accra. As I speak the information we are getting is that 27 of these suspects have been granted bail while the remaining five including the owner of the Islamic center are still in the custody of National Security” Illiasu reported.

Illiasu Tanko noted that, the arrests have left resident of Naambala terrified and anxious.

Meanwhile General Secretary of Fulani Welfare Group Alhaji Yakubu Musa Bari has confirmed the report.

He said he was contacted by the National Security to interpret the language of the suspects.

“An officer called me from the National Security to come and assist them in their investigations. They told me about the swoop and their suspicion that the suspects had some connections with terrorists. So I was there to help interpret the Fulani language. The National Security was investigating the phone conversations of these suspects” he said.
Source: JoyNews

Ghana we dey ooo 33 suspects and 27 has been granted bill already

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Bro isn’t it weird. Were investigations done deeply to confirm whether the 27 released aren’t part of the terrorist. This terrorism starts like this and it’s a high time our national security sit up to fight against it. Ghana is surrounded by countries that faces this challenges and that should prompt us that we’re not far from it.

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The fact is that our security system is low kraa bro

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It’s so serious and alarming but we play with everything in Ghana. It’s time our security services needs to be alert as terrorism isn’t far from happening right here in Ghana. Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast all are experiencing this things and have we forgotten that we share borders with this countries? God help us

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Hmm let’s just pray these things don’t get out of hand cos any country who plays with such issues faces the consequences of terrorism badly

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