National Chief Imam contributes GHS50,000 to the National Cathedral project

The National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu has contributed GHC 50,000 to the National Cathedral project.

He made the contribution on Thursday August 26.

Ghanaians have been called upon to contribute funds to the project.

Vice president Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has called on the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and other faith-based organizations to voluntarily contribute funds to build the national cathedral.

Dr Bawumia is confident the building of the cathedral will uplift the glory of God.

He was speaking when he joined the Adabraka Official Town branch of the Presbyterian church of Ghana to celebrate the 30 years of ministry of the District Minister Rev. Kwadwo Owusu Sarpong in Accra on Sunday August 22.

“I want to make one point before I sit down. As you all know there are efforts to build a national cathedral. It is very important that we build the cathedral, it is a voluntary exercise, anyone who wants to contribute can contribute. I have contributed and I will contribute more so I encourage everybody to think about it and let us build it. It is not for anybody, it is for Ghana and for the glory of God”

Rev Ameyaw Ebenezer Saka, Head of the Church Relations with the National Cathedral project also appealed Ghanaians to support the project with their contrubutions.

Rev Saka told Dzifa Bampoh on the First Take on 3FM August 2 that the national cathedral is going to give the tourism sector in Ghana a facelift and also create jobs for Ghanaians.

“This is going to bring huge tourism in this country, a lot of people are going to get jobs and we will see tourism having a facelift,”

Asked how much had been budgeted for the entire project, he answered “On the onset before the Biblical Garden and the Bible Museum, it was pegged at a hundred million dollars, now that it has been added it will be a bit higher. I can’t tell you exactly but it will be a bit higher than the hundred million dollars.

“How much it has come in? Thank God we have gotten a seed amount from the state and also with the various fundraising we held in Accra in December 2018, in Washington in 2019 and also in Kumasi in January 2020, we have had a quiet amount of money.

“I think that about half of the hundred million.”

He added, “The requested voluntary contributions is very important because we want to have the ordinary Ghanaian to own this project, ordinary Christian to own this project so your contributions come in to help facilitate the project.”



This cathedral level their i don’t think its really needed o, they should use that money to fix the country

Man, say some ooo. Imagine what the money meant for the cathedral can do for so many lives in Ghana. The number of church buildings in Ghana are more than schools, hospitals etc, yet they see a cathedral as so important. How exactly?

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hmmmm, bro its easy in Ghana oo. Only God can save us

I still do not understand why the Cathedral is necessary at this time; with the current state of the country’s economy.

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Good move. Kudos to the Sheikh.

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Kudos to the Sheikh s3n?? so you what dey go on for the country inside you no dey see eh?

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Don’t attack me man. If you do, i’ll post my nomma and u’ll have no option than to send me momo :joy:

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Well my brother, you are partly right cos these monies could be used to put up an ultra modern-day hospitals or schools for people. However, you our leaders hide behind religion to commit all sorts of blunders and misplaced priorities. Nana Addo, Chief Imam , bishop Williams and all those opinion leaders are supporting this catheral erection so we don’t have a choice