Nana Akwasi Sarpong: Ghanaian who Dropped out of School to Study Dream Program Graduates as best Student . by Ebenezer Quist

Nana Akwasi Sarpong, a 26-year-old Ghanaian young man has a unique story of willingly dropping out of school to study a program in line with his newly-found passion.

Sharing tidbits of the story on his Twitter handle, Nana Akwasi indicated that when he dropped out of the University of Ghana in 2015, his father even got a small heart attack as a result.

Nana, according to a report on, was studying Biology with hopes of becoming a dentist when in July 2015, he developed a new love for Finance and Business Consultancy at Wisconsin International University College (WIUC).


Fast forward, he won the Overall Best Student Award from level 100 to 300 with an astonishing CGPA of 4.0, and also played active roles in winning debates.

The 26-year-old also indicates that right after his national service, he was offered employment at a big company, which is just in line with what he desired for himself.


It’s normal. Along the journey in life, things must happen for other things to also happen. I also quit business administration to to do mass communication and I’m just loving it. Congrats to a Yaw sarong though. He did phenomenally well with his CGPA


wow. Congratulations as well. Making such a decision is neither easy nor difficult. In order to sail through, you must be exceedingly brave and resolute. Family and friends’ opinions can be a big cause of discouragement along the way. Best wishes for your future aspirations.


Sometimes all you need is a little courage to pursue what you really want , with a little bit determination, the key is analyze what you really want and stop focusing on what pleases others.He has done well for him self for chasing his passion


Congrats to him. Sometimes, the most difficult decisions lead to the best results

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That’s great of him.