Nana Akuffo Addo meets Guinean coup leader for the first time after Alpha Conde was removed

Friday, 17th September 2021

Chairman of the Economic Communities of West African States (ECOWAS), President Akuffo Addo has left the shores of Ghana to Conakry, TV3 has reported. The president is going to the francophone country to inform leadership of the millitary juncta lead by Mamady Doumboya about the decisions taken by the ECOWAS during its extra ordinary summit in Accra yesterday.

It will be the first time the president of Ghana is visiting Guinea after his friend Alpha Conde’s government was toppled by the millitary a fortnight ago.

It is recalled that, the ousted President of Guinea was arested by the special forces after hours of exchange of fires at the seat of government in the capital Conakry. The millitary juncta accused President Alpha Conde of rampant corruption within the Government, political intimidation and economic hardship among the citizenry.

ECOWAS instructed the new millitary government to immidiately release the former president and restore the nation to democratic rule. But the Doumboya Government paid dead ears to the calls. However, he reportedly asked one of the presidents the whereabouts ECOWAS when Alpha Conde changed Guinean constitution to enable him run an illegal 3rd term in office. This question put ECOWAS in silence. The West African bloc therefore suspended Guinea from the community.

Last week, a high powered delegation lead by Ghana’s foreign affairs minister met with Doumboya Government in Conakry to discuss ways of restoring democratic government in Guinea. At the end of the discussion, the delegation reported that they had met with the ousted President and he looked healthy.

Yesterday in Accra, ECOWAS held an extra ordinary summit to discuss further Guinea and Mali. The bloc according to a TV3 report monitored by CitizenOne concluded that Guinea should restore to democratic governance within six months. The president of Ghana who doubles as chairman of the community is going to meet Doumboya to draw a roadmap towards the attainment of the restoration of democracy in Guinea.

Meanwhile, information coming in from Guinea had it that, the new government had started seizing assets of former government appointees. It also held a fruitful discussion with political players and other stakeholders in the country on how to restore democracy in the country.