Mzvee Clashes with Childish Wendy Shay – Educates her on Music

The two locked horns over ways females can support each other in the industry.

The conversation was held on an amateur level until Mzvee brought some maturity

Shay insisted that the only way for musicians to show support to one another is to post their colleague’s music on their social media pages.

According to her, they all have their brands to maintain thus it’s not always appropriate to post other brands (artistes) on their profiles.

Using the example of telcos, Mzvee said you would never see MTN posting anything about Vodafone or vice versa.

In her eyes, it, therefore, makes no sense for them as competing brands to also post each other.

More importantly, Mzvee added that posting someone on the gram to show fake love is easy, and the better way to show support is what you do behind the scenes.

She insisted that posting your colleague on Instagram is the best way to show support.

She maintained that way, the public sees the support you are showing your colleague and your colleague also sees the support.

Mzvee added that better ways of showing support is to invite your colleague to share opportunities you get, shout out each other on shows and more tangible ways like that.

Shay’s mind was just stuck on the social media posting.

What shall it profit an artiste for a colleague to post you on her wall then ‘susupon’ you behind your back?

This industry Ankasa de3, they keep urging to support each other but that’s what bringing diversity. They should stick ush themselves instead of supporting others, this might sound selfish but the support these musician give each other isn’t selfless and it ends up backfiring…
Typical example Guru and Wutah
MzVee and Lynx