My wife charges me 200 dollars per each anal sex – Ghanaian man seeks advice

A Ghanaian man has disclosed how his wife who had initially objected to anal səx later approached him voluntarily to consent to it, but on condition that he would pay her 200 (GHS1,191.65) dollars per session.

According to the man who said the ‘service fee’ is just a “chicken change” to him, he has since been paying the woman and enjoying his səxual fantasy.

His challenge now however is that he followed one of the recent episodes of Citi TV/Citi FM’s ‘Sister Sister’ show where the panelists discussed the story of a woman who claimed to have been paying her boyfriend’s friend GHS100 to give her ‘head’ because her boyfriend has refused to do it.

He said he is thinking twice about the transactional səx he is having with his wife following the reactions of Ghanaians on social media to the story of the lady who pays ‘GHS100 per head’.

The man who also wrote to Jessica Opare-Saforo, hostess of the ‘Sister Sister’ show said he now feels that he is making his wife a prostitute, hence he is seeking advice as to whether or not to discuss terminating the 200-dollar per each anal səx contract with her.

“…I mentioned this fantasy to her only after we got married. She was really disgusted by the thought of it, it has dampened my spirit. I never thought or brought the subject again because of her reaction. Three months down the line, she offered to let me have my way only if I was willing to gift her 200 dollars per session. I was elated at the idea because that’s a chicken change to me…,”

the man’s letter to Jessica read in part.

It appears that part of the man’s worry is that he might end up losing the entire deal if he brings up any discussion about ending the payment bit of the anal səx deal.


Your sexual orientation is analysis sex and you boldly come on radio and TV to narrate that to Jessica Opare-Saforo. You are not serious. You wife should be charging you 1000 dollars for trumutrumu . She will that money to treat herself of any infections

Don’t forget the woman in question is the wife. They are married couple so I believe he have every right over her body. He just decided to be a little adventurous and explore some other sexual fantasies with the wife. Though it is anal, I don’t think it is bad doing it with the wife.

It is only prostitutes that charge for sex. The man’s concern is a legitimate one.

When the woman came back with an counter offer they both agreed to that, so if you have the right over the body or not , you’ve agreed to pay for your sexual desire.

It is what the man wants. If the woman doesn’t feel right about doing it, she shouldn’t have come back with an offer. I don’t think the husband did any wrong by discussing that topic with her. She had a choice not to do it altogether. What she is doing is prostitution.