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My new self has positively affected my career – Dhat Gyal

My new self has positively affected my career - Dhat Gyal

Dhat Gyal

Fast-rising musical artiste, Dhat Gyal, says her new self has helped build her confidence and positively affected her musical career.

According to Dhat Gyal, she is mindful of her actions because she does not want her actions to negatively influence her brand and her music. Speaking on the Entertainment Segment on TV3 New Day, she said she thought people would use her past against her, but the reception for her songs has been positive so far.

It can be recounted that the artiste used to sing songs in vulgar languages during her addiction. Dhat Gyal revealed that after taking time off the industry for a while, people still enjoy and like her music, and the support has been immense.

“When I see the people supporting e now, I see something big coming up because all of them are into media, and they know what they are doing. And I really like the fact that they brought me up like this. And telling my story and also made sure that I don’t go into those things. I think the support is very much and I really like them, and I love them.

“Where I used to stay wasn’t appropriate, and the friends I mingled with when I went back and the people I was with, it wasn’t me. So they helped me in getting out of those situations. And also helping me to realize who I am,” she added.

She revealed that she writes her own music and usually receives support from her management as well.

“I want to achieve great success in music, and I want my fans to love me for who I am and the music because that is what they have been doing for me all this while. And I don’t want them to lose the support that they have for me. And I am ready to give them whatever they want. Whatever song they want and how they want it.”

Dhat Gyal’s new song titled, ‘I Miss You, is available on YouTube, audio Mack and all other digital music platforms.