My Mother Didn’t Bring Me To This World To Be A Cleaner To A Badly Raised Man – Lady Says As She Dumps Her Boyfriend For Having A Dirty Room

A young lady has taken to Social media to express her utter disgust towards her boyfriend after she paid him a visit.

According to the lady, she had wanted to spend a few days at his place while they hangout and spend sometime together.

But to her dismay, his filthy room scared the living daylight out of her. She then went ahead and enquired from him why his room and kitchen was filthy like that.
The man who is from Benin told her his cleaner hadn’t been around for days hence the reason for all the filth.

She further explained how she left the place after spending a few hours.

See the post and some of the pictures below;


Communicate with your partner instead of taking hasty decisions. What if the guy was only ‘testing’ her to see how would react.? Sometimes, we the ladies of this era are our own problems.


It could be true that it’s a test but the mess is too much. And If you look at the sink closely you will realize it’s has been used and not cleaned for a long time. But this test dier a lot of us will fail oo


Hmm my @Sandy , today the ladies don’t really care about being patient, respectful and discipline in relationships ooo. They know their rights more than human right activists. What is wrong if you get to your man’s house and found it dirty and you decide to clean up and and even prepare him his favorite food while you wait to climax it with a doggy? Hmm let be going erh