My husband pays rent into my account without knowing the house belongs to me – Woman reveals

A married woman has disclosed that the house she lives in with her husband belongs to her, but he does not know, so he keeps paying rent into her account without knowing.

According to the woman, she bought the house four years ago without the knowledge of her husband.

She said that in her ignorant husband’s view, they are living in a rented house, so he pays monthly rent into her account, and she has not opened up to him about it.

The secretive woman made the revelation in response to US singer, Jazmine Sullivan’s Instagram session with fans, where she asked them to reveal “a secret they’ll never tell their partner”.

She said: “We renting in a house I bought 4 years ago, he doesn’t know he just deposits rent money every month.”

Her secretiveness has blown the minds of many people, some of whom have said that she is exceptional when it comes to being tight-lipped on things.


These creatures we call women “fear them”. So for 4years she owned the house and has been able to hide it from her husband for that long. Wow!

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Hmmm it’s serious oo some women are good in hiding things paa because 4years is too long a time she could have at least given him a hint or something

I don’t blame women in general, but I blame today’s education.
This is very sad

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I am not surprised at all. Look, if you have GHS100 and your wife has GHS15,000, the only money in the house is your GHS100. :joy:


Chale fear women oo herh. Imagin paying rent to your own wife. She should pray the husband doesn’t find out because this action of hers could be dangerous to the marriage.


I swear oo bro @Kwame_Kradi those creatures who can live and sleep in the same bed with men who are robbers and killers needs to be feared

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Fear women ooo…ayoo​:joy::joy:

Hmmmm, what a world we live. Firstly, I don’t know why there should be secrets in marriage at all

Let’s all relax here, why has the man not built his own house but renting? If you can afford this type of rent in four year I believe you can build a two bedroom in 2 years right. It all comes down to how the man presented himself to the woman earlier. Please allow the woman to enjoy her sweat after being able to build this house with her hard earned money

Aww no matter how your man present himself the wife should correct him if he is wrong and advise him too. What the woman did is mere wickedness

My dear @Curl_Buns , it’s so unbelievable what some women can to their own husbands. Does she love him for real? I’m very disappointed in her though not all women are that heartless.

@Magda2000 please don’t do that to me when we marry wai. This is evil and unacceptable in God’s eye. :walking_man: :walking_man:

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This is pure wickedness. Come on