My boyfriend doesn't give me "head", his friend does it & charges GHS100 – Ghanaian lady cries

A frustrated Ghanaian woman who claims she is not happy in her relationship has attributed it to her[boyfriend’s refusal to give her "head)

According to her the “head” is such a deal-breaker for her that she could not help but cheat on her lover with his friend who does it well and charges GHS100 after satisfying her.

The anonymous lady wrote to Jessica Opare-Saforo, the hostess of Citi FM/Citi TV’s ‘Sister Sister’ show to seek advice.

“Hi sisters, I’m not happy in my relationship. My boyfriend doesn’t want to give me head no matter what I say. He tried once and stopped shortly after he started. He said he just can’t do it.

“I have started visiting his friend to get what I want. The only thing is that he takes 100ghs from me after he is done,” she revealed.

She wanted to know whether she should continue the relationship with her boyfriend while getting the “head” from his business-minded friend for GHS100.

According to her, the “head” giver has told her that the only condition on which he would stop charging her for the satisfaction is if she leaves her boyfriend.

“He says he will stop charging me only after I leave my boyfriend"
she bemoaned before asking: “Do you think that I should go ahead and leave my boyfriend since I’m not getting what I want from him?”

OK, I don’t really understand why your partner “boyfriend” does not want to satisfied you, perhaps there must be something behind bass.
Receiving "heads” from another person while you are in a relationship with someone for me doesn’t feel good, if your lover doesn’t satisfy you as you wish then breakup him. In
Breaking up with him is better than being in a relationship with him and at behind bass you are enjoying heads from someone else instead of your beloved partner.
Maybe there are some reasons why you don’t want to let him go who knows? but for your own good let him go
There are a lot of men outside there who are going to satisfy you even more than you wished. PEACE

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Chale, this ‘head’ thing koraa dey burst my mind. Is that an indication of love or what?

I doubt charley , I’m not female but I don’t think it even means anything , it’s just for pleasure but why use your tongue when you can use your penis… But I believe the lady is just not happy in the relationship, if it’s the head she wants so bad and she’s not getting just leave the boyfriend

But then again what’s the difference between tongue and penis. If penis can enter , why not tongue, since they are all parts of the body and ‘pleasure’ making

@K2_Official I agree with you bro. It doesn’t make sense to still be in a relationship with someone and be sexually satisfied by another. That’s unfaithfulness of the highest order. I believe she must communicate her sexual desires to the boyfriend. That might be the only way of bringing him up to speed with her sexual preferences.


Communicate with him and let him know what you want if nothing is done let go. A relationship with no happiness is not a healthy relationship. I get the fact that head is not everything but at the same time if your partner can’t satisfy your sexual needs then let go.


Damn right. I believe there must be compromises or trade-offs in relationships. Those in relationships shouldn’t be selfish towards each other’s desires. An activity might not be pleasant to you but once that interests your partner, it has to considered. Communication is everything. :fist:


The reason why I don’t believe in love is some of this nonsense

Hmm bro. This thing called love can kill ooh. But regardless, we move. Welcome to omanbaforum @Qwesi660. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

I feel like dancing bro its lit out here

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Mehn! This place is fire. Forget FB and Twitter. Omanba is the real deal! There’s more to discover. I guarantee you!

You welcome chief!!! You haven’t seen anything yet stick around more and you will see miracles … be interactive , don’t hide your views…