My bentley cost over $1.5million, my shoes are over $1000: Let anybody say I don’t have a place to sleep; Twene Jonas warns

When a video surfaced of another Ghanaian residing in America bulging into Twene Jonas and demanding that he show him his Lamborghini and other costly automobiles he has been bragging about, his detractors practically rejoiced.

Twene Jonas’ response led many to conclude that he was merely misleading his fans and that he had put huge societal pressure on the youth to visit heaven on Earth.

Twene Jonas as we all know is a social media activist who is always on the nerves of the authorities to fix the country. He is also mostly seen in videos comparing the road systems in Europe.

He is also known for his numerous wordings such as ” glass Nkoa, Papper bia ntofom, the Police are our friends, Hwe fom, etc.

Twene Jonas has recently shared a post on his Instagram account claiming that his Bentley car is worth $1.5 million. Aside that, he also said our so called Kings has not even sit in such a car before.

In addition, he showed his shoes which he claimed costs over a $1000.

Twene Jonas, glass nkuaaaa…glass nkuaaaa. Don’t mind anyone. They are just jealous of you. Even if u don’t have a place to sleep in America, is better than Ghana lahhh.
Every one minute abain bus dey passes lahhhh…:clap::clap::clap:

Ghanaians will never like you for telling the truth. They will do all they can to make you look stupid and helpless. He shouldn’t stop ‘blasting’ them. More Fire :grinning:

But on a serious note, Twene Jonas has to stop the rampant insults and focus on raising salient issues. What’s all these kwasia, gyimi and aboaa thing he has been saying. You don’t change people through insults. Your Bentley and houses plus shoes doesn’t pay anyone’s bills. Be in America and enjoy but be careful

Ghanaians don’t like constructive criticism. They want it the hard way and I know u know this. Citizens have been on the neck of our leaders to do something about our waving economy. People will sit at radio :radio: stations spelling out the needful which is supposed to be done :white_check_mark:. But all to no avail.
Twene should continue to descend on them. Do u think they don’t enjoy staying abroad? I mean our leaders, but they are not willing to use the country’s resources judiciously.

In as much as he is descending on them, if the leaders don’t change, it is a complete waste of time and our internet bundles. :joy: Our prayers must be for the leaders to work with some of these criticisms so the country will be a better place for us all.

I don’t see it to be a waste of bundle :pensive: since in the end those insults tends to be a tone in their flesh compelling them to do something about our deteriorating economy, then is a plus to the resource invested.

Hmmmmm Ghana erhhh, at times I regret being born here. The subsequent leaders who took sit after Nkrumah was overthrown did not have a vision for the country as compared to that of their predecessor.