My 9 bedrooms was destroyed by a popular politician; Captain Smart reveals tragic ordeal

Life can sometimes be better and bitter at the same time. It is difficult for a young man who is about starting life to build through savings and sweat for another to destroy the gains in just one day.

Nothing can be painful than this experience. Media general journalist shared a painful experience where his nine-bedroom apartment was demolished for no reason.

According to him, he had secured one-acre plot in Kumasi to build an apartment for himself. Per the plan, Captain Smart wanted to put up a nine-bedroom house with three halls, a swimming pool, and many other facilities at Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

Out of nowhere, his nine Bedroom apartment was demolished by Dr. Nsiah Asare. Later, Dr. Nsiah Asare realized the house was wrongly demolished and promised to pay back the money.

They met and calculated the cost which rounded up to about 12 million Ghana cedis. Dr. Nsiah Asare agreed to pay back the money but has failed to do so.

The incident, According to the accounts of Captain Smart on his Smart Television happened in the year 2013. Since then, Dr. Nsiah Asare has not made any attempt to settle back the money for the demolished house whilst Captain Smart has not bordered to ask him for a refund.

This is the account of Captain Smart and can only be treated as a mere allegation because we have not heard the side of Dr. Nsiah Asare.
It is unknown why Captain Smart decided to bring up the conversation at this moment in time but he is trying to prove that politicians have not contributed to his growth.

There have been various allegations lately against Captain Smart especially from Kwaku Annan the host of NET 2 Television’s The Seat Show. Some of the allegations border on corruption and extortion but Captain Smart wants to prove that even before his relocation to Accra, he had started building mansions.

Immediately this politicians realise you are their enemy masa forget. They just hit you in any painful way they can. They go after what ever you have

It’s just his side of the story ,it seems too good to be true , who wouldn’t chase after 12mill and just leave it be . We hope to hear from Dr Nsiah soon , this allegations doesn’t sound real to me.