Muslim father impregnates and marries daughter; mother agrees for ‘sake of family lineage

Malaysia media was thrown into a frenzy when a man married his biological daughter after impregnating her with the consent of his wife, the young girl’s birth mother.

Syariah lawyer, Nur Fatihah Azzahra, shared this case on her Facebook page, soliciting views on the problematic family. The 40-year- man and his 20-year-old lover, who also happens to be his daughter, claim that the relationship was consensual.

Shockingly, the wife, who also happens to be the girl’s biological mother, has agreed to sacrifice her marriage to ‘maintain family lineage’. She divorced her husband so that he can marry her daughter.

“Later, the father married the daughter used the syndicate service of marriage, carried out by foreign nationality in Malaysia,” the lawyer wrote.

Source : Citinewsroom

Things are happening in this world. This sounds like some of the biblical stories we heard before. Well, it is indeed a consensus. I don’t think there is any law that prohibited that in their country, so Happy Marriage to the newest couple.

This is clear case of mental malfunctioning, this isn’t normal, but I believe some people will say it’s their rights to love who they want love, it’s wrong in so many ways and will lead to a whole lot of problems

They all agreed to this, or? It is a consensus. If the laws of Malaysia frowns upon that, then so be it but if not, please they should let them be.