Mum-of-4 fatally shot in the chest by her five-year-old son


Filed photo: A corpse

A mum was fatally shot in the chest by her five-year-old son, who had a handgun, police have said.

Michele Cox, 38, died in her family home in Arizona, United States, on Friday.

According to reports from the New York Post, the mother of four was airlifted to the hospital after suffering a single gunshot wound to her chest.

She later died as a result of her injuries.

Casa Grande Police have released a statement in relation to the horror incident, which they believed was an “accidental shooting”.

Michele’s four children, aged between four and 12 years, and her 40-year-old boyfriend were all home at the time.

None of them were injured during the incident, authorities said.

“Upon their arrival, Officers discovered 38-year-old Casa Grande resident Michele Cox suffering from what appeared to be a single gunshot wound to the chest,” the statement read.

“Ms. Cox was flown to a Chandler area hospital with life-threatening injuries.”

The statement went on to say that Michele had succumbed to her injuries at the hospital. Her next of kin had been notified of her death.

A page set up for Michele on American site hosted two pictures of the mum and a tribute left by a former colleague.

It said: “Such a humorous person we worked together years ago so very sad.”

Police currently believed Michele died as the result of an “accidental shooting”.

“Although this is an ongoing investigation, detectives have determined the victim’s five-year-old son was responsible for the shooting,” police said.

“This is a stark reminder that owning and safeguarding a firearm is a serious responsibility and should be a priority in anyone’s home or business, especially if children are present.”


Hmmm Buh how would they keep this things at open places . :cry::cry::cry: so sad

America still has a big problem with gun control and crime. How on Earth can you hang a gun in the open of your house when you have four children? Who taught these kids how to pull a trigger? This will not end now of parents don’t take precautions in handling guns in their homes. Five year old di3, what will the law do to him.?

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This story doesn’t really add up. Anyways, I hope there’ll be some sort of a feedback on the investigations.

But how did the boy get access to the gun? This is sad, imagine this innocent boy being tagged as a murderer he will grow up traumatized because his action was and innocent one and meant no harm. :frowning:

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I’m not so surprised this five-year old kid was able to pull the trigger. The movies we do watch now portrays a whole lot of guns and these are the movies most of us do watch. As a kid he might want to satisfy his curiosity to know how that will feel to pull the trigger in real life. The fault wholly comes from the parents that’s hanging a gun in an open space. Gun control has always been a problem in America.

Chale we all knows that Americans just play around with guns like Jamaicans so no wonder but I wish the fam :pray:t4:

Exactually, Americans play with guns like it’s some sort of calander every one can hang in their rooms. Even if you will leave a gun at home with your kids; why not take the bullets out?

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Hmmm the kids will search for the bullet and they’ll make sure they find it :joy::gun::gun:

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