Mtn unlimited data hack

There are many ways to use MTN unlimited data without paying even 1 pesewa. Join this forum so that we can discuss.


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Android Users Only.

Before you can bypass the MTN data plan system, you have to know the basics of computer networking. But if you have no knowledge on networking, don’t worry, I will teach you everything from scratch.

Before you can browse on MTN for free, you have to use a VPN. The VPN actually Hides your IP address so that MTN can’t track your phone. The VPN can also hide you on MTN’s server so that MTN can’t even identify that you are using their data for free.

You can use the free data to do anything on the internet except WhatsApp video calls and voice calls.

Follow the steps below. There are 2 SETTINGS involved.



  1. Go to your phone settings

  2. Tap network and internet

  3. Choose Mobile network from the option

  4. Choose “Access Point Name” from the button.

5.Press the “+” symbol to add a new APN.

Name: MTN
APN: mms

  1. Save the settings


  1. Download the preferred VPN from Play store
    (Https injector, socks https)

  2. Import the “Hacking” script into the VPN you downloaded.

  3. Press “START”

  4. Wait for it to connect and there you gooo​:tada::tada:

Chat me on WhatsApp for the hacking script…:

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