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MTN announces 5G roll out date in Ghana

THE Ghanaian arm of the largest telecom company in Africa has announced its intentions to launch and make operational 5G services in the West African country by 2023.

This comes as MTN has yet to fully cover Ghana with its 4G spectrum, but projects to gain 98 percent 4G coverage by the end of 2022. Currently, MTN’s 4G coverage has reached 73 percent of the country.

ModernGhana reports that the company revealed that it is modernising its infrastructure and working with regulators towards 5G and that it will seek to have 5G mobile connectivity operating in Ghana by 2023.

According to the CEO of MTN Ghana, Selorm Adadevoh, who made the announcement, MTN is taking steps towards 5G in order to be in a better position to take advantage of the digital space.

‘Almost every 10 years, there is a new technology. 4G was launched in 2016 so ideally, 5G should be expected somewhere around 2026 but will have to be rollout around 2023 as COVID has accelerated digitalization,’ Adadevoh said.

Adadevoh continued to say that MTN Ghana has over its 25 years of existence invested more than $6bn in infrastructure with 2021 seeing the highest investment in a single year with a sum of over $200 million.
The CEO continued that through its investments and accessibility services, such as MTN’s AYOBA platform, an all-in-one instant messages app – which provides avenues for private citizens and businesses to enter the digital space. Customers and businesses alike can access online shops and market spaces on MTN’s digital platforms and data services with just a click, Adadevoh concludes.

Recently, MTN Ghana donated a hefty $1.6 million to the Girls in ICT Programme, a Ghanaian initiative hoping and aimed at exposing the ICT sphere to young women. The donation is set to run for three years and is part of MTN Ghana’s 25-anniversary celebration.

The network that is not stable nu what are they bringing the 5G to come and do . Mtchww 4G kraa is not getting stable network and they are talking about 5G

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Even 3G self koraa you are struggling to role it out nationwide how more 5G.

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