Most Ghanaian men are just good at producing babies, not 'performing' - Singer Kati G

Kati G222Songstress Kati G

Ghanaian singer, Kati G born Catherine Eno Owusu-Sakyi has claimed that most Ghanaian men do not have a full grasp of the art of sex.

She stated that the men are only good at making babies but the performance in their bedrooms is nothing to write home about.

She made this known when she spoke in a video prelude to her new song “Di Me Rough.”

Kati G said “Di me rough is basically an instruction. Most Ghanaian men in this country don’t know how to perform in the bedroom, they don’t know the art of sex instead they know how to produce babies but the foreplay and all that before they get into producing the babies and ejaculating, they need to know how to perform.”

She said she produced the song as an instruction manual on the art of sex for Ghanaian men to listen and learn so they can satisfy their women in the bed.

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