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Monkeypox, the new virus in town

Anyone heard of monkeypox, like COVID wasn’t enough. @Aharon, any info?

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I have, and yes, like Covid wasn’t enough. Hearing it’s not infectious between humans so I hope it stays so, no alteration or GOF things. Even saw this meme:

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The fact that people trust the media blindly is still shocking to me.
But I don’t blame them because Is hard to swim in the million of biases and the get to know the truth, and if this is the world we’ve built for ourselves, then there’s a reason for greater concern

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seen this?

and this

they saying different things

Seen it, I wouldn’t trust CNBC though, with that said, spread through $3x makes sense.

Are you insinuating that monekeypox is not real?? I’m not saying is real though, I have zero info about it and never even heard of it before.

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