Monetization of Relationships: How did we get here?

So now , you can’t find genuine love or relationship with Ghanaian men and women without being an automatic ATM machine. I think it is the reason for high divorce and breakups.

You see. It’s the system. There are not jobs, the government is fucked up, no benefits for those working, bad roads, expensive rent…downright low standard of living. In Europe this kind of thing is almost non-existent. When Twene Jonas says “di abrofo mma free” people don’t get it. What he means is “the caucasian won’t ask you to buy her pizza, or phone before sex/relationship” – how cheap can one be?

I’ve lived on all 3 continents (Africa, Europe, Americas) and can tell you how shocked I was for girls I was dating to completely seem not to care about what you have or what you don’t have. In Ghana it’s how much you have or can spend on a woman.

Ooh wow @siaw , I now understand why the mentality of people in Europe is vast different from us down here. No wonder Jonas keeps ranting everyday and people misquote him.

Relationships in Africa ; Ghana is more like a barter trade and auction, the highest bidder gets to be in the relationship with you . If you don’t possess material stuff , forget about relationship; even normal friendship is based on what one can benefit from you. Whew :disappointed:

Exactly. We’re poor, everyone is needy. So women use their bodies to their advantage. Imagine a hungry woman dating a hungry man. In other parts of the world the woman is NOT hungry… all she needs is you, your attention and sex. They literally chase you with sex, asking for nothing (materialistic) in return, because the good system has given it to them already.

iPhones: they sign a contract get the latest iPhones and pay it in 3 years.
Cars: they get cheaper, newer cars with flexible loans.
Apartment: the governments provides subsidies if you’re young, a couple. There’s literally a property acquisition scheme called “Starting Life” for young people to get their first apartments.
Business: EU gives huge sums of money to anyone with a “good idea” to start a business if you apply. No need to pay back.

So what will the woman need from the guy? So you get why it’s the system? If our Ghanaian/African women had the same things would be completely different.

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Everything right here in Ghana is fucked up. The moment you propose to a woman that’s when she turns into an orphan. You’ve to play the role of her dad or mom in other to be in a relationship with her. Men have to prove their love to these ladies by opening their wallet to spend on them before these women will know that they love them. Everything is totally fucked up here.:cry:

Look at this. I must leave this country… I’m off to pack my things and leave. Over here men will do this things but as soon as a man who have more than you have comes along just forget about the girl. You might be giving her all your attention she’ll just leave you

Yeah, that’s how fucked up it is. I know this as a Ghanaian.

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We are suffering in almost everything right here in Ghana. From our so called leaders down to our relationships.

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Ooh goodness :yum: so women like this exist? Eeii y3bl3 ooo y3bl3 papaa wo Ghana. Like you said earlier, the system is fucked up and everyone has to survive by hook or crook hence these fake personality traits in every facet of our lives here. The problem is, most people are greedy and needy. No compassion

Bro sake of that I’m at the Airport now leaving Ghana cos ei. Y3bl3 oo y3bl3 papa :joy::joy:

A very short story nowadays no money no dating :joy::joy::joy: