Miracle from Pastors cannot give you money neither will Native Doctors

A few day after his most talked about Mother’s burial Obi Cubana has said Miracles from Pastors cannot give you money neither will native doctors give you money because all these people all need money.

He revealed that the ideal way of making money is working hard and just and making sure you don’t cheat those you work with.

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, Obi Cubana opened up on his his journey to owing multiple businesses began.

He revealed he read Political science at the University of Nigeria and graduated around 1999.

The 46 year old said after his national service, he together with his friends begin asking what they can do to sustain themselves in Abuja because after months of searching for job, they never had one.

Fortunately, they begin connecting people to their favorite rooms in Abuja and charged a token on top.

He has his breakthrough deal with someone whom he was tasked to do an interior decor for, his finishing was good so after the work the owner of the house gave him additional 600,000 naira free cash in addition to what he charged.

That was how come he made his 1st 1 million naira.

On why such opulence was displayed at his mother’s funeral, Obi Cubana said those who came throwing money are self made people who are his friends and he cannot tell them how to spend their money.

Lol. This is why Africa is the poorest and underdeveloped continent in the world. We depend so much on this religious people and refused to work. We want God to do everything for us. We spend so much time in prayer camps, churches, waiting for a miracle. Hmm

His story is inspiring, most people see rich people and they only think about their wealth and not the struggle m, he started small and now he’s gotten to the level we seeing him in now. As youth we should understand that. Life’s like series of steps and sometime you stumble when you don’t step at the right place but you don’t give you keep going