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Minority's message of caution to Ghanaians on e-levy


The Minority in Parliament says it will have nothing to do with the negative impact of the Electronic Transaction Levy on the economy.

Member of Parliament for Techiman, Elizabeth Ofosu Agyare, says the National Democratic Congress Members of Parliament have resolved to present all 137 Members of Parliament to vote against the bill whenever it comes up in Parliament even though the majority may have their way when fully represented.

Speaking at the NDC Town Hall meeting in Kumasi, the MP said the levy will kιll businesses in the country.

The Minority is proposing the government consider retrieving the 12 billion cedis lost to corruption in 2020 as stated in the auditor general’s report to make up for the lost revenue.

Elizabeth Ofosu Agyare further proposed a cut of government expenditures.

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As for this e-levy thing dier unless I stop using the networks

That won’t be the best option but we will have to seize using Momo. Where on earth from E-levy? When redrawing or sending money, it comes with its charges so where from this additional charges. They will have to walk house by house for to take that E-levy from us which I’m preparing one sharp machete to face them when they come.

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I agree with The minority statement, billions have gone missing which has always ended in individuals pockets. retrieving those money back in my opinion is the best thing that can happen. But the question comes up, who will make sure those loses are refunded? The government himself is more corrupt making this country ungovernable

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