Meet the single-handed vulcanizer who manages 3 shops, 2 wives & 9 children

A man in spite of his physical challenge is still making ends meet and doing well as a vulcanizer.

Dauda Shiedu told BBC News Pidgin in an interview seen on @africanheroesmagazine that he began learning vulcanizing from his secondary school days.

Dauda upon completion of his training lacked the financial wherewithal to rent a shop and this forced him to begin a commercial motorcycle commuting business.

The Okene indigene, in Kogi, unfortunately, lost his right hand in an accident while riding the motorcycle.
Dauda didn’t allow his physical challenge to hamper his desire to work. According to Dauda, his first wife left him owing to his condition.

The man however remarried. He proudly has two wives and nine children and has gone on to expand his business.

Dauda said he has trained three boys and opened three more shops to complement the one he presently handles.

While boasting in his ability to fix any automobile, the vulcanizer stated that he trains his children as well as pay rents with money realized from the business many able-bodied persons often look down on.

Hmm, these is an inspiration for some lazy ass folks put there who don’t want to create any meaningful life for themselves but rather into ritual killings for money. Some others with the same or less severe conditions are on the streets begging for alms.