Meek Mill want to leave America to Ghana for 2-years

Meek Mill is planning to leave America one day for two years and he got Ghana in his mind.

The rapper announced his decision to leave the country on Twitter

In his words; “I wanna move out the country for like 2 years one day” to Ghana.

During the year of return, Meek Mill was rumoured to be on his way to Ghana but that didn’t happened.

Many of his Ghanaian fans were disappointed and we pray he will come to Ghana.


Ahhhhhhhh this guy paaaa. U wan lef glass nkuaaaa country to Ghana? Make e come so say we go fii do exchange…

I am sure he has his reasons for coming to stay in Ghana for 24 good months. For hospitality, Ghanaians are very wonderful with that. He’s welcomed

Dear uncle meek mill,you resemble my father so you let’s just do swapping, come to Ghana and occupy my place and let me come to America. I’m sure you will run back to America within three days. Tourism,fine but to stay ,then dumsor for you.

Lol… what at all have they been saying about Ghana there that’s making these folks come here… it good publicity for us mmom we will end up making him more richer as he return to America… We shouldn’t even mind him…